Friday, 27 August 2010

Tags - using Bleach Techniques

So enjoyed creating these tags. Tag 1 - made with card & fabric, the card was stamped using bleach instead of ink or paint with a large foam shell stamp, the fabric with footsteps in the sand was glued down with a gold ribbon to cover the join. The square embellishments and fish were stamped onto brown card, added bleach, which turned the card to a dusky pink colour. I love the beach, and I could not resist buying the fabric!

Tag 2 - The lady tag is stamped onto lilac card, then used the bleach to lighten bits here & there, my border stamp didn't quite meet up, so i used the Sharpie pen I use for zentangles and drew in the bits that were missing, then used the bleach again to lighten the outside edges, and then used acrylic gold paint to give a bit of bling. These have been recieved by Ruth W


  1. Great bleach art!!!!! I haven't tried it yet.
    Beautiful blue one with the lady!!!!

  2. I am so thrilled that I received these tags. They are so great "in person"
    Ruth W