Saturday, 4 September 2010

Back of Card

OH BUMMER!!!!!!!! when I turned my card over, I had a black smudge oh dear a "BOO BOO", mmmmmmmm thinking cap on.............stripes in Black & Brown, found the masking tape, tore off the currect length, stuck it onto my clothes to get rid of the stickiness, put on the card, did 2 stripes one black, the other brown, peeled back the masking tape - OH BUMMER!!!!!!!!!! BOO BOO No 2, it pulled off part of the card surface GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (more unprintable words really!!!!) where is that darned thinking cap? mmmmmmmmmm Ok, I'll make more rough areas - a new technique for texture!!!!!!!!!!, sponged brown all over remaining cream card, hope my swap partner likes this "TEXTURE TECHNIQUE"
Happy now - and funnily me thinks I'll use this again, rough to smooth, it will come in handy for other things. :-)

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